While excavation work for Pratham Developers was conducted at a site located in Yeshwantpur, Bangalore, I was confronted with a challenge where the soil started sliding to the bottom.

Deep excavations are usually done to utilize underground spaces like basements and stilt floors in densely populated areas or congested spaces.

Going to the core of the problem, some observations were made by my team. The soil slide was caused by water penetrating into the soil. I had to make provision for double basement and stilt which required an excavation depth of Six metres + One and half metres, a total of Seven and half metres, for the basements and foundation respectively.

The building was planned for Ground and Twelve upper floors along with basements and stilt by REALM architects and structural design by me. The project was Proof-checked by CIVIL AID.

Pictures showing a portion of soil sliding, protection and preparation for fopundation
Pictures showing a portion of soil sliding, protection and preparation for foundation


  1. Due to improper method used in the excavation process where the slope of excavation was not kept according to the standards, there was a sliding of soil portion in the site.
  2. Penetration of water into the soil.

Measures taken:

  1. Suitable measures like providing the sheets for covering the soil to avoid the penetration of water into the soil which causes the sliding; and

2. Maintaining a proper required slope of 1:1 and excavating in a step manner so that chances of sliding are avoided.


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