A conscious effort to remember the fundamental concepts that we have acquired!

Fundamental concepts play a major role in our lives. Often, we contribute additional efforts inn executing things, which could have been solved in an easier manner.

The following are some basic concepts that are represented in the form of facts to refresh our basics and help us remain conscious of the fundamental concepts that we have acquired!

Fundamental Fact 1:

Science Facts 1


“It is easier to unscrew a nut with a spanner than with your fingers, because the spanner’s long handle increases the running effect or moment of the force.”

Fundamental Fact 2:

Science Facts 7

“Forces make things move, but they can also stretch things, squeeze them, and change their shape.”

Fundamental Fact 3:

Science Facts 6

“Never stop a hefty man who is running towards you. Instead, escape! The heavier the object and the faster it is moving, the greater is the momentum and the harder it is to stop.”

Fundamental Fact 4:

Science Facts 4

“If the forces acting on an object balance, the object does not move, but may change shape”.

Fundamental Fact 5:

Science Facts 5

” A suspension bridge has to support the weight of its own deck, plus the weight of the vehicles that go across it. The deck of the bridge hangs from huge steel cables suspended over giant pillars. The cables and pillars are arranged so that there is no overall force in any direction. A bridge stays up because the forces on it are balanced and cancel one another out.”

Fundamental Fact 6:

Science Facts 2

“If you use a spanner twice as long, you double the moment, and the nut is twice as easy to turn.”


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